The Creator

kATE.MADE jewellery brims with effervescent charm and tangy wit, the product of a quirky eye catching everyday encounters (so long as your view of everyday includes dinosaurs, yetis, and not-so-scary ghosts).

From elegant geometric shapes, to stylised household objects, minimalist animals, and whimsically scrunched tangles, all kATE.MADE designs are handmade with love and passion.

kATE.MADE is the brainchild of Brisbane designer and landscape architect Kate Phillips, founded in 2004 as the label for the beaded creations she sold in local markets, jewellery parties, and selected shops. Since then, Kate has explored other media and expanded her repertoire, dabbling in PMC, polymer clay, resin, and hand blown and lampwork beads.

But it was her first goldsmithing course in 2008 that sparked Kate’s love affair with metals and set the path for kATE.MADE.